Whereabouts Willetton Plaza Link-Up

Words by Jebediah Sun from Whereabouts Skateboarding

The design and construction of a skatepark is far from a simple task, and, like all things where decisions have to be made, so do compromises, As many will understand, the role of a skatepark is to provide a safe space to develop our skills, and in some cases, tie our laces ahead of transferring those skills to the streets. The tiled floors, garden beds, ollie-upable stairs, not to mention a homage to Pier 7… It’s a rare occurrence that we are provided a facility that accounts for the nuances of our urban environment, and unapologetically implements them. We need more of this. With over 50 skateparks spread throughout Perth and its surrounding suburbs, we have all had a chance to enjoy and appreciate at least a handful that really work for us.

It’s the consideration of a park’s flow, and the choice of obstacles and their proportions that make any skatepark great, and it’s important we acknowledge these essential criteria when planning a new facility, as so much activity is focused on these sites. Willetton Plaza is accessible to, and accommodates the newcomer – or novice – whilst facilitating those more experienced, to apply, learn and create just the same. This low profile park provides us with a really solid example of what can best be described as a new standard.

The integration of activity space into public settings is almost a necessity. Creating a skatepark to be part of its surrounding landscape, assists the skatepark to be a part of our culture. Skate Sculpture and Realm Studios have really hit the mark with this one, all in all it’s a thoroughly considered facility that will continue to be an invaluable resource for years to come. If you’re yet to pay it a visit, do that, soon!


Photos by Photos by Tim Eko & Daniel Tenakov.

J.K.S Event Sponsors: 1991 Skateshop, Modus Bearings, Plead the Fifth & Skate Sculpture Skaters IOA: Rauol Ponciin, Alex Yates, Ross Rogan-Green, Mannix Fri, Bodie Meldrum, Josh Birtwistle, Kalani, Josh Ronzitti & Flynn Jackman