Community focus
Design the park they want

Through consultation and research, we go to great lengths to ensure our parks best meet the needs of the community. To achieve this, we conduct several rounds of community engagement, from questionnaires to design workshops, skate sessions and social media campaigns.

We begin each project by working with the client to help determine the ideal site, viable budget and key objectives for each skate facility and how our work can best add value and cultural enrichment to the town. We then involve the local community in collaboratively creating the concept design.

We then create concept drawings that incorporate the skatepark objects and elements the community asked for – blended with desired amenities and the surrounding landscape. Once the plans have been presented to the client and community, we make final amendments based on additional feedback and refine the concept to an optimal level.

The final 3D coloured concept designs are accompanied by an opinion of probable costs and a detailed report giving a breakdown of key stages of the community consultation process. The client can then use the designs and support material to raise the funding needed to make the concept a concrete reality through detailed design and construction.