Community Engagement

Build The Park They Want

Through consultation and research, we go to great lengths to ensure that our parks best meet the needs of the community. To achieve this, we conduct several rounds of community engagement — from questionnaires, to workshops, skate sessions and social media campaigns.

The information we obtain is both demographic in nature and logistical. We find out vital info about the local skaters, parents and community leaders, and determine exactly what elements and features everyone wants in their new skatepark. This gives us the groundwork to start designing.

During this whole process, we work very closely with the local council and town planning bodies to ascertain what space the new park will sit on, what amenities are nearby versus which ones need to be produced, and how best our work can add value and cultural enrichment to the town.

Project Documentation

Results, Findings and Insights

Consultation with the youth community comprise a critical component of the initial research for each project and generally confirm widespread support for developing a strategy to improve existing facilities.

The community workshop exercises not only address park infrastructure needs but also allow documentation of desired principles and objectives to assist in achieving the needs of the youth community.