Creating Parks That Skaters Love

Skateparks are diverse facilities. They have to cater to a variety of users — including skateboarders, BMX and scooter rides — as well as add value to the community around them. Ideally, there will be a large variety of obstacles and objects for riders, as well as non-skateable features such as shade, adequate seating, drinking fountains and barbecues.

There are other concerns too. For instance, the addition of lighting practically doubles the useability of a skatepark, particularly in the warmer months. Having grassed areas allows visitors and families a comfortable place from which to spectate the action. It is also ideal to design a skatepark so it best complements the environment around it, be it a town center or a location set amidst bushland.

With thought, planning and care, a skatepark can be a feature of a town that draws travelers from around the state, and sometimes the world.