Skate Sculptures

Bright, beautiful, skateable art

Skate sculptures are our namesake for good reason. They embody our vision to make the world a more awesome place. On the one hand, they are aesthetically pleasing, interesting sculptures. On the other, they are highly functional skate obstacles. Their dual purpose brings people together, rather than segregating them and limiting the use of a public space. For passers by they are eye-catching and enjoyable. For riders they are hours upon hours of endless fun.

Creating skate sculptures is how we got started… brightly-coloured, basic shapes that the general public enjoyed as art, and skaters instantly recognized as kickers, manual pads, ledges and banks. Our skate sculptures began appearing around the city on designated paths and in pop-up skate events hosted by local WA communities. First and foremost, we are skaters. All of our skate sculptures exemplify the architecture of skateboarding. Beyond that, we are proud of where we live, and want to contribute to its enrichment in our own way.