Rockingham Rumble

When the Rumble Skateboarding competition series came to WA in 2021, the event organisers decided that Port Kennedy Skatepark, designed by Skate Sculpture, was the ideal facility to host what has now become known as the Rockingham Rumble.

Port Kennedy was chosen on the strength of its design, which offers up a diverse array of street and transition objects with excellent flow – making it perfect for Best Trick comps and 45-second runs – as well as the 4-6′ bowl to host the Junior Bowl Jam.

As a skateboarder-owned-and-operated company, Skate Sculpture are dedicated to supporting Australian skateboarding. Every member of the Skate Sculpture team is a skater – building skateparks designed to foster the progression of Australian skateboarders – and the company is always pushing to provide opportunities for WA filmers and photographers. The annual Rumble event is a great chance to display the immense well of talent in the WA skate scene, with regular attendees getting to see the ongoing progression of emerging homegrown talent, as well as skaters who fly in from interstate for the event.

In 2022 Skate Sculpture became the name sponsor of the event, producing the following video capturing the highlights of the 2022 Skate Sculpture Rockingham Rumble.

In 2023, Skate Sculpture are proud to be one of the key sponsors of the national BMD Rumble Tour series, which echoes our own love for Australian skateboarding, and boosts the scene on a huge level across the country. Read More

Best of luck to all the competitors! We’ll see you at Port Kennedy Skatepark on March 25! Watch this space to catch the highlights!