York Skatepark

  • DATE: 2019
  • CLIENT: Shire Of York
  • SIZE: 535m2
  • SERVICES: Consultation, Concept Design, Detailed Design

In 2019 Skate Sculpture in partnership with Emerge Associates were commissioned by the Shire of York to facilitate a community consultation and undertake the concept and detailed design of the upgrade of Avon Park in York Western Australia.

The Skatepark project came about in 2015 when local community members petitioned for a new skatepark. Since then Skate Sculpture has been assisting the local community, actively engaging York’s skaters, their parents and members of the Shire, who all came together for a common cause. Skate Sculpture continuously offered assistance to the Shire, providing site advice, skatepark design information, proposed methodology for community consultation, budgeting and general guidance, getting them to the point of upgrading their skatepark in 2020.

When awarded the design of the skatepark in 2019, Skate Sculpture ran two design workshops at the proposed skatepark location to involve the local community in shaping the design. The final skatepark design consists of a street plaza section connected to a 4-6 foot elongated bowl nestled amongst the large existing mature trees in close proximity to a children’s nature playground in picturesque river settings.