Singleton Skate Park

  • DATE: 2017
  • CLIENT: City Of Rockingham
  • SIZE: 560m2
  • SERVICES: Concept Design, Detailed Design

Located in the Laurie Stanford Reserve parkland, Singleton is a beautiful beachside suburb between Rockingham and Mandurah, 60 kilometres south of Perth city. The City Of Rockingham wanted a multi-faceted street skating paradise to complement the existing open bowl in Singleton’s neighbouring suburb of Golden Bay.

Our design focused on both technical skating and a traditional park vibe, blending tech objects like skateable steps, down ledges, rails and street banks with ever-popular features like banked hips, a hipped quarter pipe and plenty of flat ground. This allows riders to gain maximum flow while having endless possibilities of how to utilise the terrain.

To make the park even more youth and family-focused, a basketball court, shade shelter and seating area was added by collaborative land scape architects EPCAD.