Newdegate Skatepark

  • DATE: 2017
  • CLIENT: Shire Of Lake Grace
  • SIZE: 235m2
  • SERVICES: Consultation, Concept Design, Detailed Design
  • AWARDS: Best West Australian Playspace <$.05M – 2019 WA Parks and Leisure Awards of Excellence WA, Best Australian Playspace <$.05M – National Parks and Leisure Awards of Excellence.

Newdegate is a small town in the West Australian wheat belt, 400 kilometres south-east of Perth. Inspired by a strong community push and the Newdegate Active Precinct Group, Skate Sculpture was contracted by the Shire of Lake Grace to design a skatepark to be accompanied by a nature play area, designed by Nature Play Solutions.

The Newdegate Skatepark is an all ages and multi-ability play space that includes play and skate elements to suit a range of different ages and skill levels. The skatepark design effectively uses the small amount of space to its full potential, incorporating a number of different elements. Transition at either end of the park allows for riders to create back and forth lines with the plaza style layout in the centre, which consists of different sized rails, ledges and a Euro gap. A pump-bump leads into the mini-ramp section, located to the corner of the park to avoid collisions.

The innovative nature-based surrounds of the skatepark, designed by Nature Play Solutions offer an engaging recreational play area for children, and a shaded area with seating and tables offers spectators and parents a comfortable place to supervise.

Newdegate Skatepark was awarded the Best West Australian Playspace <$.05M at the 2019 WA Parks and Leisure Awards of Excellence. The facility then went on to win Best Australian Playspace <$.05M at the National Parks and Leisure Awards of Excellence.

Newdegate Skatepark Opening Day

This 7-minute documentary showcases the Newdegate Skatepark, winner of ‘Best Australian Playspace Under $500,000’ at the 2019 National Parks and Leisure Awards of Excellence.

Filmed edited and directed by Mat de Koning
Produced by Tim Yuen
Music by Sonpsilo Circus

This award is a huge honour for the team at Skate Sculpture! We thank Parks and Leisure Australia and all of the collaborators and community members that made the Newdegate Skatepark happen!

“It’s safe — we know that our kids are safe there, from babies to teenagers, and that they all have something to do. It’s a place for community, which is everything that we are in Newdegate. The community and shire wholeheartedly backed fundraising efforts for the project.”

– Helen Steicke, Newdegate Active Precinct Committee –