Midvale Skatepark

  • DATE: 2019-2020
  • CLIENT: City of Swan
  • SIZE: 1,120m2
  • SERVICES: Consultation, Concept Design, Detailed Design

Midvale Skatepark features two levels changes that host a five stair with across down rails, two stair with up-down rail, up-down ledge, pier 7 and bump to cylinder. Central features include an A-frame, flat bar, and flat ledge with central mini ramp. The mini ramp interfaces with a bank on both sides for radius to bank transfers, plus a two-block ledge combination on the south side and slappy bank on the north side, bordered by quarter-pipes at both ends of the plaza.

The Midvale bowl varies for 6-7 foot in depth with a saddle connecting to a central bowl feature for both pumping and aerial opportunities. NOTE: The construction took a detour from the plans, adding sharp hips to the central feature, as opposed to rounded corners as the design intended.

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