Katanning Skatepark Extention

  • DATE: 2021
  • CLIENT: Shire of Katanning
  • SIZE: 382m2
  • SERVICES: Detailed Design, Construction

Built in the mid 2000’s, the existing Katanning Skatepark needed an extension to provide local riders with more space and greater terrain options to further develop their riding abilities.

After a series of onsite consultations, Skate Sculpture created a design that connected a new skatepark by extending the existing mini ramp and adding a bank after an existing quarter-pipe to create a box jump. This jump box feature interfaces with a three-block creating a street gap plus incremental ledge options.

The bank sends riders into a new skatepark area that includes a ledge on ledge, pimple, flat bar, and A-frame plus a hipped quarter-pipe connected to rock pitching to create a second street gap.