Falcon Skatepark Extension

  • DATE: 2019
  • CLIENT: City Of Mandurah
  • SIZE: 485m2
  • SERVICES: Consultation, Concept Design, Detailed Design

Skate Sculpture were commissioned by the City of Mandurah to assist in the engagement of Mandurah’s southern suburbs skating community to inform the conceptual and subsequent detailed design for an upgrade to the existing Falcon Skate Park.

The community engagement took place over five design workshop sessions with further interaction via the Falcon Skate Park Extension Facebook Page. After which, a final concept design was created that would best utilise the available space whilst catering to community needs.

The final design consisted of three key areas; A five to seven foot three pocket bowl, connecting the old park to a modern-day skate plaza beginning with a two foot quarterpipe into a central level change consisting of two symmetrical across down ledges bordering a three stair with slanted across down rails, catering to Falcon’s street skating community. On the south end of the plaza is a quarter pipe to bank extension feature. All three areas (plaza, bowl, pre-existing skatepark) are linked by a shade structure providing shade and seating with good visibility to all skate areas.

Comments from the design unveiling included:

“It’s got a bit of everything, transition, street and a sweet set of stairs. Perfect flow for comps with no cross flow.
It’s all compiled into what everyone one wanted really.”

“Everyone will be spread out throughout the entire skatepark really well.”

“The bowl is really good because it has the three pockets giving a variety of depth.
My favourite part is how you have the hubbas on both sides for goofy and regular, so no one is at an advantage in competitions.”

After taking note of all feedback, the Skate Sculpture design team worked with participants to select the ideal heights, angles and spacings of the proposed obstacles, ensuring the park would best cater to the local riders’ requests.