Beyond Skate – Whitford City

  • DATE: 2017
  • CLIENT: Beyond Skate
  • SIZE: 155m2
  • SERVICES: Concept Design, Detailed Design

With the success of the North Perth skate shop and skatepark, Beyond Skate opened a new store in Whitford City shopping centre in Perth’s northern suburbs with an invitation from Westfield to create Australia’s first inner mall skatepark.

This time the skatepark would be situated right next to the retail store, so the design had to take into consideration sound restrictions, spectator safety, and how to best connect the skatepark to the surrounding shopping centre.

On the back wall is a curving quarter pipe with tiles and pool coping, allowing skaters to pump into the central street bank made from brick with minimally exposed coping and a small transition at the base for maximum flow.

Inspired by the legendary “Woolstores” in Fremantle, Skate Sculpture situated a ledge across the far wall, which leads into a triangular bank in the corner. The bank then runs into a five-foot quarter pipe, on top of which sits the most unique feature of this facility – a seven-foot glass wall ride visible from outside the front of the store.

Complete with height measurement increments designed to catch the attention of any shopper passing by, Beyond Skate Whitford City has proven to be incredibly successful in its combinations of retail and recreational activity, further demonstrating the originality and inventiveness of the Skate Sculpture team.