Beyond Skate – Cannington Indoor Skatepark

  • DATE: 2021-2022
  • CLIENT: Beyond Skate
  • SIZE: 290m2
  • SERVICES: Consultation, Concept Design, Detailed Design, Construction

Established in 2001, Beyond Skate is Western Australia’s leading skateboarding retail outlet with three stores in the Perth metropolitan area. After designing indoor skateparks for their North Perth and Whitford City stores, Skate Sculpture were contracted to design and construct a third skatepark for Beyond’s longest standing store in Cannington.

Working with a 290m2 space, Skate Sculpture created a street plaza that would serve as a training facility for the Beyond Skate team riders while providing entry level attractions for Beyond Skate to facilitate beginner skateboarding lessons.

To give the park a unique aesthetic appeal, the ledges contain recessed ledge surfaces with overhanging ledge caps and concealed recessed led strip lighting to highlight and accentuate feature surfaces and the surrounding floor without creating visual light distractions for the skaters. The across down rail has been built with adjustable size options, allowing beginners to learn their first boardslides, and established riders to practice handrail height before hitting the streets.