Bayswater Skatepark

  • DATE: 2020-2022
  • CLIENT: City of Bayswater
  • SIZE: 1870m2
  • SERVICES: Consultation, Concept Design, Detailed Design, Construction

In June 2021, Skate Sculpture was commissioned to develop a detailed concept design for the Bayswater Skatepark, in line with the anticipated project budget, timelines and stakeholder feedback. The detailed concept design would then inform a future design and construct tender process.

Skate Sculpture facilitated two design workshops with The City of Bayswater’s Skate and Bike Development Advisory Committee (SABDAC) who provided valuable input throughout the development of the detailed concept plans. The first workshop involved an in-depth SWOT analysis of the existing skatepark, looking at ways to improve the design. This shaped a design brief ‘to create a new and improved version of the existing skatepark, retaining the popular features while improving spacings, obstacle selections and dimensions to give the design a more modern appeal’.

Skate Sculpture used this information to create a first draft design, which was further developed in the second design workshop in collaboration with SABDAC members. A third design workshop was held at the existing Bayswater Skatepark, creating an opportunity for the greater Bayswater skate, scooter, and BMX community to provide feedback on the draft design.

Once all feedback had been correlated, Skate Sculpture met with SABDAC and City officers to review the data and collectively decide which feedback to adopt in the next design revision. A final 3D concept design was created with specified skate obstacle dimensions, accompanied by a colour and materials palate and detailed cost estimation.

In 2022, Skate Sculpture partnering with MG Group and Ecoscape were contracted to undertake the detailed design and construction of the concrete skatepark, commencing construction in May 2022 and completed in October 2022. Skate Sculpture are incredibly proud of the quality of the design and all constructed elements at the new Bayswater Skatepark. We stand by our craftsmanship and believe Bayswater will become one of the highest profile skateparks in Western Australia.

Stage 1Consulting

Stage 2Design

Stage 3Construction