Albany Skatepark

  • DATE: 2018-2019
  • CLIENT: City of Albany
  • SIZE: 1,180m2
  • SERVICES: Consultation, Concept Design, Documentary, Detailed Design

In 2018 Skate Sculpture were commissioned by the City of Albany to facilitate a community consultation and create a concept design for a skate plaza to complement the existing transition dominate Albany Skatepark.

The consultation coincided with a national skate, scooter, and BMX competition. Skate Sculpture alongside Common Ground set up a consultation station where we facilitated a series of presentations, displayed vision boards, provided surveys, and conducted design sessions with local riders, parents, and stakeholders to determine a design direction that would best serve the Albany community.

Skate Sculpture harnessed the consultation information to create a series of designs to best utilise the site and reflect the proposed budget. As a result of community feedback, the concept also included a kidney shaped bowl to meet the needs of emerging bowl riders in the region. The designs were submitted to the City of Albany with an accompanying documentary that showcased the consultation process, plus additional literature to assist the City of Albany with grant applications.

Upon the City of Albany receiving the required funding, Skate Sculpture in partnership with Ecoscape and Common Ground were awarded the detailed design contract. To commence this stage, the design team met with a specialised focus group consisting of established Albany riders, council staff and invested stakeholders. Skate Sculpture created two coloured 3D concept designs and presented them at another onsite community engagement session.

After in-depth discussions with the local community, the most popular elements of each concept were amalgamated into a design that would best complement the existing skatepark terrain whilst creating a unique street inspired skating experience with the additional attraction of an enclosed bowl, creating a truly dynamic riding experience that will entertain the youth of Albany for decades to come.