Byford Skatepark

  • DATE: 2017
  • CLIENT: Shire Of Serpentine / Jarradale
  • SIZE: 420m2
  • SERVICES: Consultation, Concept Design, Detailed Design

Versatility is the foundation of the popular Byford Skatepark, providing a centralised hub for residents of Byford and its surrounding suburbs. The area was starving for quality facilities, so Skate Sculpture created a design that makes Byford Skatepark a positive-impacting and highly valued skatepark in Perth’s south-east region.

Offering a challenging array of different sized quarter pipes, ledges, rails, banks, hips, A-frame and flat ground, the park is built for long flow sessions that can accommodate multiple riders – from absolute beginners to established riders.

Byford Skatepark Session

Featuring Andrew Fallara, Josh Birtwistle, Alex Yates, Cameron Mercer, Blake Manning and Tom Dawson

Filmed by Mat de Koning
Music by The Brian Jonsetown Massacre

Ross Rogan-Green Solo Session at Byford Skatepark